A speech-language pathologist is a type of doctor who specializes with patients with speech impairments or disabilities. The job of a speak-language pathologist usually sees them treating a variety of disorders, from stuttering or incorrect pitching, to completely overhauling a person’s accent or helping them improve their pronunciation. The job involves a combination of mental therapy (helping patients overcome their psychological problems which have lead to the development of their conditions), as well as physical therapy whenever it’s appropriate.

The most basic requirement for getting hired as a speech-language pathologist in most cases is having a Master’s degree in the subject. The challenge involved in getting a job as a speech-language pathologist is typically not as high as the one attached to most physicians’ jobs, though it can still be a very tough process which many underestimate completely and end up highly surprised by the results in the end.

Speech-language pathologists can earn between $45,000 – $75,000 in most cases, which is noticeably lower than the typical salary for a physician, though the job has other perks which can compensate for that greatly – such as flexible working hours, the ability to advance one’s career further relatively easily, as well as healthcare bonuses and other benefit-related perks. The job does tend to be highly demanding in some cases though, which can lower its attractiveness for some, but those who’re determined to work well can usually advance in it relatively quickly.