A food preparation worker is employed by any establishment that serves food, and is directly engaged in its preparation. Their duties don’t only include the basic preparation of the food (e.g. cooking), but also various other tasks related to the maintenance of the kitchen. A food preparation worker is responsible for cleaning the utensils and dishes, storing the food in an orderly fashion, disposing of the garbage, and sometimes assisting the more experienced cooks and chefs in the advanced preparation procedures.

The job of a food preparation worker isn’t really demanding in terms of education, as most are able to get employed with just a high school diploma. However, some more exquisite restaurants may require even their most basic food preparation workers to have a degree from a professional cooking school, as they tend to value the quality of their work very highly. In these cases, experience at another establishment may also be required, though a proper degree will often suffice and get the candidate hired.

Food preparation workers don’t earn a lot in general, receiving between $18,000 and $26,000 per year on average. The job often involves long, inflexible working hours, and can be very exhausting depending on the particular type of establishment one is working in. Additionally, it often doesn’t have very good prospects for future development, and is used mostly as a temporary job by most. On the other hand, those working in high-grade restaurants can earn substantially more, and have better opportunities for the advancement of their careers.