A limousine driver, as the name implies, is a professional driver who works in a limousine. They can either work for companies that provide limousine hiring services, as well as privately for limousine owners who’re in need of a driver. The job is usually seen as one of the highest-end jobs with regards to leisure driving, and is commonly associated with the drivers of rich, famous people. A limousine driver is usually responsible for the maintenance of the car, which can include performing repairs, cleaning it and parking it in a garage at the end of the day.

To become a limousine driver, driving experience is naturally the most important skill. Having gone through a professional driving school is also a benefit, though not usually required. Depending on the specifics of the job, candidates may also be required to have gone through a defensive driving course, which is a common requirement when applying to work for high-profile people such as celebrities. A responsible nature and the ability to stay focused for prolonged periods of time are important for a limousine driver.

Working as a limousine driver can be very rewarding in most cases, with an annual salary of $31,000 – $43,000 being the most common. In some cases, the job can pay even more, up to $100,000 when working for some more renowned people, especially celebrities. However, this type of job usually requires a long line of effort and dedication, and providing sufficient experience to convince the client to hire the driver.