A serving supervisor is hired by a restaurant or another place that serves food to its customers, overseeing the waiters’ work and providing any additional assistance where it may be necessary. The job of a serving supervisor isn’t very tightly defined as every restaurant tends to place different duties on the position, but what’s common among all of them is that the job involves taking care of the serving staff, training newcomers and firing the underperformers.

Serving supervisors usually get the position after having worked at that particular company for a while, usually in a serving position themselves – this is important for companies to be sure that the candidate is familiar with their operating procedures and the working environment as a whole. A good serving supervisor must have the ability to explain matters simply and clearly, yet have a stern personality in order to properly handle the staff of the place when it’s necessary.

The job of a serving supervisor has a moderately good earning potential, securing a salary of between $31,000 – $45,000 a year. The job is often seen as an attractive career choice in the food industry, thanks to its flexible working hours and the relative ease with which it can be attained. On the downside, it lacks some good benefit programs and serving supervisors commonly use the job as an auxiliary source of income, despite the sizeable salary. In some cases, healthcare bonuses may be provided to a serving supervisor but that about exhausts their options in this regard.