The job of an industrial production manager is to plan and oversee the development of a company’s products in an industrial environment. This normally includes maintaining the employees attached to the project, making sure that funds are being spent efficiently and the project remains within the bounds of its predetermined budget, as well as ensuring that all the industrial guidelines related to the manufacture of that product are adhered to as best as possible. In some small companies, the industrial production manager would be responsible for the entire product line of the company, while in other cases each product may have one or even several managers responsible for it.

A Bachelor’s degree in a management-related field can be very beneficial for becoming an industrial production manager, though it’s not actually a strict requirement – many companies are willing to hire candidates from within their employee pool, if they’ve proven their ability to work within that company’s guidelines and in accordance to its business direction. The ability to work with employees closely and analyze problems on a lower level is essential for being a good industrial production manager.

The industrial production manager at a company can earn between $47,000 and $73,000, and the job can be very easy-going in many cases. Typically, the working hours can actually be scheduled by the manager him/herself, which is a great perk of the position – in addition to the various bonuses frequently given to industrial production managers when their work is executed smoothly.