An industrial tester works at an industrial company’s quality control department, and is responsible for the quality testing of the factory’s products. For example, in a battery factory, this may involve pressing the battery against a device to determine if it works properly. Industrial testers aren’t very common nowadays as most of the tasks related to the job have been automated by machines, though there are still some things that require an actual human tester to verify.

In order to become an industrial tester, one just needs a high school diploma in most cases. The job isn’t very demanding in terms of skills or knowledge, as most of the skills required for practicing it are learned in the course of employment. A good industrial tester must be well-versed in the manners related to the products they’re testing, and know how to solve simple problems related to those products’ functionality as they arise, in order to be able to conduct their tests uninterrupted and more independently.

Industrial testers don’t get paid very highly traditionally, earning a salary of between $21,000 – $35,000 in most cases. The job may pose some health hazards depending on the particular type of product being tested, and in those cases they may be additionally compensated with good healthcare bonuses. An industrial tester doesn’t have many good prospects for further career development, and the job can be seen as rather unattractive for some – though it can certainly provide a stable source of income.