A miner is a laborer who works in mines, extracting the various resources that are located in that mine and performing excavation work. Miners can work both manually and with machine equipment, but the job involves a lot of manual work for the most part. A miner would typically use a pickaxe and various other tools to remove rock from a tunnel that’s being dug, progressing according to pre-defined plans. Additionally, miners must ensure the smooth transportation of the ores to the surface.

Becoming a miner doesn’t require any high degree of education, and in some cases even a high school diploma wouldn’t be required. A good miner must be physically fit, and be able to carry heavy loads (as miners often need to take lots of instruments along with them). Miners must also be well-instructed in safety procedures, as a mine is an inherently hazardous working environment prone to frequent accidents. Part of a good miner’s training will cover the important aspects of teamwork and cooperation in dangerous situations.

Miners traditionally don’t earn much – with an average annual salary of between $26,000 – $41,000, the job is seen as a low-paying one with regards to the workload and health hazards involved. Health hazards are actually one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a job as a miner, as some companies don’t offer good bonus programs for their miners and all the health risks associated with the job are left uncovered, which can lead to a lot of complications down the road.