A steamfitter is a type of plumber who specializes in steam and heating systems. The job involves a variety of duties – steamfitters are usually required to install and perform regular maintenance on complicated steam systems, most commonly in industrial settings – though the job is also popular in other sectors. Steamfitters usually work in teams, especially for the purpose of cross-checking their work as the job of a steamfitter involves a variety of tasks that need to be accomplished precisely and with strict regard to safety.

Becoming a steamfitter is commonly regarded as the most difficult path related to plumbing, as the job involves a lot of studying and training which is mandatory, as it gives candidates a good overview of the working process and how to handle the common safety procedures best. The job enjoys a good deal of popularity and it’s not uncommon for plumbers to progress to the position in order to obtain better payment or other conditions.

Steamfitters earn rather well, considering the amount of effort required for getting the job in the first place. With an average annual salary of $57,000 – $95,000, the job can be very rewarding for the amount of work involved, plus it also offers good, flexible working hours for the most part. Some of the downsides of a steamfitter’s job are the low benefits and the somewhat irregular job market – though in the right places, steamfitters can earn very well and make a good living from their jobs.