A paralegal functions much as an attorney’s personal assistant, providing various services that are important to the attorney’s efficiency and their ability to perform their job properly. This includes preparing documents for court hearings and cases, organizing the files related to a particular case, as well as helping the attorney seek out witnesses and secure their testimony in cases where this is applicable. Additionally, a paralegal may be required to provide some assistance at the actual trial itself, typically by presenting documents or other materials related to the currently going case.

There’s a specific degree related to the job of a paralegal, and obtaining one is a basic prerequisite for securing a job as one. Most paralegals are usually able to secure much higher positions in the attorney company that employs them after they’ve been there for a long enough period of time, and in some cases a paralegal actually has good chances of progressing to a good occupation within the attorney company.

Paralegals earn moderately well, with the annual salary ranging between $41,000 – $58,000. Most paralegals are able to find stable employment based on their qualifications, and in some cases the job can offer a lot in terms of future career development and progressing up the career ladder. However, the job does have some disadvantages in its earning potential, such as the generally low level of additional bonuses and benefits as well as the inflexibility of working hours.