The business marketing manager at a company is responsible for the company’s commercial success. The marketing manager needs to properly organize the company’s advertisement programs, as well as coordinate any promotional offers with the rest of the company’s departments. Additionally, a business marketing manager is directly responsible for new product promotion, but also for removing unpopular products from the company’s line in order to improve the overall popularity of the company’s brand name. Depending on the scale of the company and the type of its operations, the marketing manager may personally contact customers with promotions that can benefit them directly, in an attempt to retain the more valuable customers.

A business marketing manager’s position shares most of its core aspects with general management jobs, and thus requires similar qualifications. A Bachelor’s degree in finances, economics or a similar area will usually be highly beneficial to the candidate, as well as any prior experience in a managing position. Additionally, a good marketing sense and the ability to effectively push products towards the consumer are skills that benefit candidates to a great extent.

A business marketing managers is a highly compensated position, earning between $72,000 – $95,000 annually. The success of the marketing campaigns performed by the manager is of direct influence to their salary, and those who’re able to more effectively popularize products and improve sales are usually compensated accordingly. On the other hand, business marketing managers need to be careful with the expenses on their strategies, as sometimes they may backfire and lead to a decrease in the manager’s salary.