A cash manager is a type of managing position solely responsible for organizing a person or company’s finances. This can include a wide variety of activities depending on the situation, but in most cases it involves monitoring the company’s profits and expenses, and making sure the entire cash flow is balanced appropriately. The cash manager must also stay aware for any potential pitfalls in every deal the company is about to close. Often, a cash manager also acts as a financial advisor to the head of the company, giving their opinion on how the company’s financial strategy could be improved.

A Bachelor’s degree in a finance-related discipline is usually a basic requirement for cash manager positions, as is background experience with handling finances, transactions and management in general. Furthermore, a cash manager must have strong people skills, and be highly communicative and responsive to their superiors. Working experience plays a major role in choosing potential employees, and any type of prior employment related to finances is usually of great benefit.

Cash managers have a great earning potential, with the median salary for 2009 being $81,000. The annual salary for cash managers ranges between $70,000 and $96,000. The main factor that contributes to the salary of a cash manager is their working experience, as it tends to have a great impact on the performance of the employee. As such, companies often do their best to retain their valued cash managers, and other companies are easily willing to hire experienced ones.