A construction manager is responsible for planning and scheduling a construction project, and overseeing its execution until it’s finished. The construction manager usually handles the project from the very beginning, hiring a working force and preparing the site for the construction workers. The construction manager also handles the flow of supplies, from ordering them to distributing them between the different areas of the construction site accordingly. Construction managers normally work close with architects in order to determine the best course of action at any given moment, given the rather variable nature of the construction business with regards to factors like weather, etc.

Construction managers don’t always have a background in actual construction work, and are frequently employed straight out of university, holding a degree in management or a related subject. Though it’s not rare for construction workers with a good sense of management to eventually find promotion to this spot, it’s also not a guaranteed way to get the job, and most candidates concentrate on providing appropriate credentials instead.

The construction manager is among the higher-paid workers involved in a construction operation, though the annual salary can be quite varied depending on a variety of circumstances. The annual salary for construction managers ranges between $54,000 – $103,000, and in some cases it may go even higher when high-paying single-instance projects are involved. Construction managers who’re just starting out in the business can look up to a $40,000 – $50,000 annual salary on average.