The customer service manager in a company is in charge of all the customer service representatives, and is tasked with ensuring that customers are always properly served and assisted when they’ve requested it. The customer service manager is summoned when a customer presents a problem that requires a higher degree of intervention. The customer service manager is also required to prepare assessments and reports for the company’s level of customer service, and offer advice on the management of specific employees (though he/she may lack direct power in providing such management).

Becoming a customer service manager normally requires candidates to have extensive experience in the field of customer service, as well as preferably a Bachelor’s degree in any field related to business or administration. A good customer service manager must have strong people skills, and be able to provide coherent assessment to any problems that arise, as well as come up with creative solutions that benefit both the customer and the company in more delicate cases.

A customer service manager can earn between $34,000 – $61,000 annually, with the primary influencing factors being the number of subordinates under the manager’s control, as well as the scale of operations of the company involved – contrary to popular belief, finding employment at a larger company doesn’t guarantee a higher salary, as some companies tend to have several customer service branches with more than one managers, decreasing the per-employee salary of them. Still, a customer service manager can easily earn more than the rest of the customer service staff at a company.