The information systems manager at a company is responsible for the organization and general management of that company’s information technology resources – this can, for example, include the management of the company’s entire computer infrastructure and their databases and networks. The information systems manager frequently works close with their subordinates, assigning specific projects to members of the team and generally organizing the workflow in the company’s IT department. The information systems manager is also commonly responsible with ensuring that the company remains in touch with the current trends in technology.

To become an information systems manager, a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to either management or computer science is the most basic requirement. Beside that, a good number of years of working experience in the field can be of benefit, and depending on the size of the company and its operations, knowledge of particular systems can be greatly beneficial to candidates as well. In some cases, working in a company’s IT department for a set number of years can yield great success in getting promoted to a manager there later on.

The information systems manager tends to receive more or less the same payment at most companies, which can range between $54,000 – $98,000. The job can be very rewarding with regards to the effort required to become successful at it, and it can additionally offer some very attractive candidates to those who’ve practiced it sufficiently long. Furthermore, it can be used to build strong connections within a company’s infrastructure.