A project manager for an IT project is the head responsible figure behind the project’s organization – the person who manipulates the project’s resources and guides the staff to completion. An IT project manager’s duties normally involve frequent analysis of the project, deciding whether it’s appropriate to allocate more resources to a particular area, as well as managing the team and making sure everyone is contributing their part properly. Normally, an IT project manager will have to give frequent reports to their superiors with regards to the current situation of the project.

To become an IT project manager, a Bachelor’s degree in a variety of fields can be used – the accepted fields include the ones related to computers (such as computer science and computer engineering), communications, as well as management – though computer-related degrees are understandably more highly valued than those in management, as it’s important for an IT project manager to have good knowledge of the issues they’re dealing with.

IT project managers earn about $70,000 – $80,000, though the figure is a lot more variable than that due to certain factors – for example, a manager can switch between different projects that pay very differently, earning substantially more from one of them. However, the average salary for a single year rarely goes over $90,000. The job can be very demanding in some situations, when the project is nearing its completion and a lot of final adjustments need to be made. Also, it leaves very little room for error due to its specific nature.