A labor relations manager works for companies that have large working forces of laborers, and provides communication between the company’s upper-level management and the laborers. The job of the labor relations manager is to ensure that the communication between the two links in the company’s chain is running smoothly and that there’s a clear understanding of the laborers’ demands in the upper floors. The labor relations manager commonly does this with the help of a team of specialists who they’re in charge of.

Becoming a labor relations manager takes a Bachelor’s degree in management in most cases, though it’s not always a strict requirement. The job involves a lot of difficult decisions and one must be able to correctly assess a situation in order to best benefit the company and the laborers and not hurt anyone’s interest. Additionally, previous working experience as a labor relations specialist is usually highly beneficial and can be used as a stepping stone towards getting promoted to the position.

The labor relations manager at a company is compensated very well for their efforts, typically with a salary in the $70,000 – $109,000 range. The large gap comes from the severe differences found in the policies of different companies, and in some cases the salary can go even higher, if the company has a larger labor force that needs to be managed for example. Additionally, the number of employees under the manager’s supervision also affects they pay rate, as is common with other types of managing positions.