A lodging manager is a colloquial term for describing managers of various hospitality establishments, such as hotels, hostels, motels and resorts. The job of a lodging manager is to oversee that the services provided by their establishment are of the highest quality and nothing is missing that could satisfy the clients’ demands. The lodging manager may sometimes personally greet new guests in smaller establishments, and accommodate them in the best possible conditions. Additionally, the manager must control the staff and ensure everyone is performing their job as expected.

To get a job as a lodging manager, it’s usually good to have worked at the particular establishment beforehand, in order to have built up some solid experience about its operations and the expectations they have towards their staff. A good lodging manager must make sure that a hotel’s services are always top notch and all the guests are cared for as best as possible. A friendly personality, yet with a strict character, are also beneficial to being a good lodging manager.

Lodging managers don’t earn as much as one would expect – with an annual salary of $27,000 – $41,000, the job is a rather unattractive choice to those looking to get involved in the hospitality business seriously. In some cases the manager could receive substantially more, especially when the hotel is more renowned and receives a more stable flow of guests, but the salary outlined above is the most common. Few possibilities exist for further development of the career.