The marketing manager at a company is responsible for the financial success of that company in whatever field it operates in. For example, in a company that sells some sort of product, the marketing manager is primarily concerned with improving that product’s popularity and qualities, and better communicating with its userbase. The marketing manager is tasked with developing a solid strategy for the company’s financial operations with regards to its marketing, and is also the primarily responsible person with regards to customer satisfaction.

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A marketing manager position can either be easy or difficult to obtain, depending on the company involved. Typically, a degree in marketing, management, finances or economics is a good start, though a Bachelor’s may not be enough in some cases – some companies tend to require a lot higher qualifications from their candidates, typically when the job involves managing a high-ranking product where there’s a lot at stake. In most cases, prior working experience in the same company can be of great benefit.

The marketing manager at a company has one of the highest earning potentials of all its employees, and the salary for a marketing manager can range between $43,000 – $76,000 a year. While this may not seem like a comparatively high figure for a corporate environment, it should be considered that the responsibilities of a marketing manager are typically less demanding than those of other types of managers, and the job can be performed more easily and with less stress in general.