A natural science manager is the manager for scientists working in the various natural fields of science – biology, chemistry, medicine, etc. The job duties of a natural science manager typically include managing the employees (not just the scientists but other workers as well), as well as regulating the facilities of the scientific institute. The natural science manager is commonly responsible for the salaries paid to the scientists, as well as the funding dedicated to their projects and the allocation of other resources in the facility.

Getting hired as a natural science manager may not require a degree related to science, depending on the type of position specifically. In some cases, only a Bachelor’s degree in management would be enough to get the job, and in some other cases candidates may just need to display some experience related to natural sciences along with their degree, in order to get hired. The job isn’t that demanding compared to some other management positions, due to the mostly autonomous nature of most scientific facilities.

The job of a natural sciences manager tends to pay well, with the median salary for 2009 being $89,000. There are various responsibilities attached to the position which tend to be compensated additionally, further making it a financially attractive choice for those looking to work in the science sector. Additionally, it offers good health bonuses and other benefits, and all around it’s the perfect choice with regards to earning potential.