The job of a software engineering manager combines the upper-level duties of software engineers with the typical duties involved in a manager’s job. A software engineering manager is responsible for the top-level organization of a software development project, directing the funding and allocating assets for each particular task. Software engineering managers usually have the main engineers on the project under their direct supervision – and they’re the head figures of authority with regards to the project’s organization.

Becoming a software engineering manager can be done in several ways. The most common one is to obtain a Master’s in management or a related field after having gone through an engineering Bachelor’s degree – though there are other ways to climb to the position, for example by gathering enough experience practicing the job of a software engineer under the direct supervision of an experienced manager who then decides to fully train the engineer and bring them up to their position.

Software engineering managers earn very well, similarly to most other types of engineers and managers. As mentioned above, the job is a perfect combination of two well-paid positions, making it very lucrative for those able to handle it well. A typical salary for a software engineering manager is between $102,000 – $150,000, with various other perks like flexible working hours, good working conditions and strong prospects for further development of one’s career. It can be very demanding, on the other hand.