An Advertising Manager is one who manages a company’s advertising strategy. He or she develops and implements advertising plans depending on the clients’ needs. Job duties include developing sales materials, managing advertising sales representatives, and oversee account, creative, and media services departments.

Advertising managers are found in almost every industry. However, advertising manager jobs are in demand and therefore competition is steep. To be an advertising manager, one must have a good dose of creativity, good written and oral communication skills, a keen and perceptive mind, and good interpersonal skills. Employers also want those who have good computer skills and are able to conduct advertising strategies in all forms of media especially the Internet.

In terms of education, an aspiring advertising manager must have at least bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in the field. Relevant courses include communications, business administration, journalism, and marketing. A master’s degree or completion of a certification program is a definite advantage. One can enhance his or her qualifications by participating in management training programs conducted by larger firms or in seminars and conferences.

The salary of advertising managers depends on the size and location of the agency. Average salary is reported to be around $71,892 per year. However, advertising managers in the high-tech industry receive much more. Advertising managers at computer systems design companies is said to receive a minimum of $107,030 per year. Managers also enjoy benefits such as paid holidays and vacations, health and life insurance, and pension plans.