A product promoter is a type of marketing worker employed by companies to help promote their products on the market. The job duties of a product promoter typically include hands-on demonstration of how a product works, trying to get the attention of the public as best as possible. In some cases, a product promoter may work in television, performing their demonstrations on camera for a particular TV channel. Product promoters may also ask random (or in some cases, not so random) volunteers to participate in their demonstrations, in order to give them a first-hand impression.

Becoming a product promoter doesn’t take a high degree of education – a high school diploma is enough in most cases. The job requires a friendly, yet persuasive personality, in order to be able to convince customers to get the product advertised by the promoter. Additionally, a product promoter can always benefit from having deep knowledge of the product they’re working with, in order to provide a more impressive demonstration.

As a product promoter, one can expect a salary of between $15,000 – $45,000. The large difference in the lower and higher ranges comes from the different conditions product promoters have to work in from one employer to the other – for example, whereas the job can be a relatively easy-going one in some cases, it can be quite demanding in some others and may require a lot of effort and attentiveness from those who practice it, explaining the higher salaries they’re given in these cases.