A real estate agent is the primary figure that operates the transactions related to various real estate properties – the specific job duties for a real estate agent can vary quite a lot from one job to another, but they’re typically required to buy and sell property, as well as arrange renting deals while working with their clients. A real estate agent’s ultimate purpose is to help consumers on the real estate market find good deals for their properties, and the job often involves a lot of investigating into different options available at the moment.

Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t require a specific high degree of education, even though a candidate can certainly benefit from a Bachelor’s degree in finances, economics or a similar field. A very good knowledge of the real estate market is required, as it’s the main tool that the real estate agent has in their possession for finding good deals for their clients. Apart from that, a real estate agent also needs a friendly personality as well as being active and dedicated to the job.

A real estate agent commonly earns between $30,000 – $75,000 a year, with the specific figure varying based on their workload and the degree of the quality they work for. A good real estate agent would be able to earn significantly more than the average one, since the salary in most cases directly depends on one’s performance, and more experienced real estate agents are thus able to secure higher annual salaries and better conditions on their jobs.