A commentator is the person covering a sports event to the viewers/listeners of TV and radio stations accordingly. The commentator’s job is to actively follow the game and describe the most important events that play out, while also doing it in a passionate way that captivates listeners and truly translates the excitement of the game. Though the job is not considered difficult by many people, it can actually be a very challenging one, especially in faster-paced games like football. Good commentators are usually able to build up fanbases of their own.

A degree related to media or entertainment, such as Mass Media or Broadcast Journalism, can be very beneficial to a candidate for a commentator job. Often a Bachelor’s degree would be enough, though there are cases where a Master’s in a related subject may be required as well. Additionally, a commentator must display a good ability to control their voice and emotions, and have good speaking skills, able to convey a game with true passion. Sports fans are naturally more preferred for the position. Also, gender tends to play a role in this job, as a large majority of commentators are male and women generally have great difficulty attaining employment as commentators.

The pay rate for commentators varies greatly, mainly depending on the place of employment and the commentator’s own quality and presentation. Beginner commentators earn between $25,000 and $34,000 annually, while those who’ve built up a few years of experience can earn up to $75,000 – $90,000 a year. One of the negative aspects of the job is the general lack of benefits, though some stations do offer some attractive bonus programs.