A news analyst is more commonly known as an anchor, and is the person in focus in a news broadcast on a television channel. The news analyst will usually read the current events and perform a brief evaluation on them, as well as give viewers the most important details surrounding these events in a concise, organized manner. The news anchor will usually work alongside a partner, typically of the opposite sex, and they’ll take turns in reading the news or will specialize in particular types of news.

Getting a job as a news analyst can be very challenging in some cases, and it depends primarily on the channel concerned. Some high-ranking televisions are only interested in candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism at the least, and in some cases candidates may also need experience in other areas of journalism. A well-groomed appearance and a confident manner are essential to the performance of a good news analyst, and the ability to read news objectively and without any emotions are also beneficial.

News analysts earn between $40,000 – $75,000 a year on average, and the job offers some additional bonuses, mostly related to healthcare benefits. The working hours are solid for the most part and can hardly be modified by the news analysts themselves, making it kind of hard to fit the job in one’s schedule – though on the other hand, due to the constant nature of TV shows and news broadcasts, it can be easy to plan ahead as there’s very little likelihood that one’s salary would change with time.