A television editor is a type of video editor who works in television specifically, providing their services for the purpose of cutting and editing various TV shows and programs. A television editor usually does their job on recorded footage, preparing shows and sometimes movies for being run – though in some cases, an editor may be required to work on live footage, for example in order to censor inappropriate material during a live show, or related tasks. Television editor usually work on their own, though they may have their own teams of artists and other assistants.

Becoming a television editor takes a few years of experience in video editing, and usually an appropriate degree related to the job as well – many television companies are reluctant to hire any candidates with a degree lower than a Master’s, though a Bachelor’s degree can still be a good starting point for those who want to build a career as a television editor. The job can sometimes be highly demanding and exhausting.

Television editors earn quite varied salaries – the payment mostly depends on where one works at, but in most cases it varies between $35,000 – $110,000. The large difference comes from the different ranks one can build within their respective studio – many studios are willing to pay substantially more to their skilled editors and would generally do all in their power to retain them as employees and keep utilizing their skills. A good television editor would find it very easy to gain further employment.