A recreational therapist is a type of therapist who specializes on designing and implementing recreational activities for people going through their therapy. The types of activities included in such programs typically feature various sports and games, as well as music-related activities like dancing and singing. These therapies are usually aimed at people with a variety of disabilities – both mental and physical – and are specially designed by the recreational therapists in order to improve patients’ condition in a certain aspect related to their illness.

The job of a recreational therapist is moderately demanding in itself, and it requires a Bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy in order to get hired. Additionally, there are some extra specialization programs aimed at improving practitioners’ level of aptitude and broadening their choices of career options, which is usually the preferred course of action for most recreational therapists who’ve built up some skill and want to progress in their jobs.

A recreational therapist’s average annual salary is between $30,000 – $46,000, and even though the job isn’t a physician one, it still pays moderately well and is an attractive opportunity for many people. A good recreational therapist would also be able to find further employment very easily and without any hassle, which further serves to make the job an attractive choice. Plus, there’s the fact that the job is performed in a medical environment and thus usually grants access to attractive medical bonuses.