A social worker is hired to provide assistance and various types of guidance to people who need it – the specific methods of performing the job of a social worker can vary quite a lot. For example, certain social workers are concerned with allocating appropriate sheltering for the homeless and people in need; others seek to aid children going through troubled childhoods; there are also social workers who try to provide assistance to unemployed people. Some choose to diversify their activities and work in various areas of the job.

The job of a social worker isn’t difficult to obtain, as all it takes in most cases is to volunteer at the appropriate place and one can get hired – though on the other hand, some types of social worker positions require a Bachelor’s degree. Most social workers need to first go through some lower-ranking jobs until they’re allowed to directly work with clients though – in most cases, a social worker would need to practice as a social service assistant for a certain period before they’re allowed to progress further up the career ladder.

The average annual salary of a social worker is between $25,000 – $45,000 which can seem rather low by most standards, but the job can compensate for that with some of its perks – like the flexibility of its working hours, the good benefits attached to it, as well as the strong prospects for further career development. A good social worker can see themselves progressing to better employment very quickly, though it can take a good dose of dedication to get there.