A communications equipment operator works with various pieces of communication technology, such as the switchboard in a large-scale communications system, ensuring the smooth operation of the system as a whole. In some cases, communications equipment operators may also serve as basic customer handlers, as they introduce the company to callers before offering them the option to have their call transferred to the appropriate person or department. The job is becoming less and less common with the automatization of communications systems, however some sectors (such as the military) keep employing communications equipment operators for various purposes.

The job doesn’t require any formal education, and a high school degree is usually enough for candidates. The job specifics are explained on the go to newcomers, and they’re usually put through a period of supervision from more experienced employees until they’ve built up enough experience. In cases where the job is related to the military sector, additional requirements may be in place, and candidates are usually required to enlist in the military before applying.

Depending on their place of employment and the type of equipment being used, a communications equipment operator can earn between $41,000 and $57,000 annually. In some places where more complicated systems are involved, and thus more experienced operators are required, salaries may go up to around $65,000. The military tends to pay even higher to their communications equipment operators, though as mentioned above that comes with stricter admission requirements as well – as well as a more binding contract.