The job of an electronics repairman is to analyze and remove problems in electronic equipment. Though similar to that of an electrical repairman, it’s also quite different in some aspects – while an electrical repairman will work on any machine that uses an electric circuit, electronics repairmen tightly specialize in equipment with electronic components, such as computers and high-end computerized industrial machines. Electronics repairmen may frequently be required to perform software-related adjustments, such as modifying the setup on an inbuilt operating system on some device.

Becoming an electronics repairman usually requires a degree in electronics, computer engineering, or a related field, though in some cases candidates may be accepted based on their experience and knowledge – usually this is possible after several years of working in the industry. Getting employed at major companies where sensitive equipment is involved can be more difficult, and candidates are usually thoroughly examined in their skills and knowledge before being allowed on such projects.

Having a job as an electronics repairman can pose some inconveniences to the employee, mostly related to the working hours (which can be very inflexible) and the amount of learning required to start out in the industry. The median salary for 2009 was $41,000, and the job normally offers some great prospects for further career development, but it has some disadvantages in that regard as some repairmen have been complaining that the increased workload does not always correspond to an increase in earnings.