A semiconductor processor is a type of manual worker who specializes in semiconductors. The job is very popular in the electronics industry, and semiconductor processors are commonly hired by factories that manufacture integrated circuits, working on their production lines. The job is more complicated than a traditional manual labor job, involving printing circuit boards, applying special treatments to them and cutting printed wafers into pieces which are then turned into microchips.

Becoming a semiconductor processor is more challenging than getting a regular job in the electronics industry, as the job has some strict requirements attached to it – prior working experience in a position related to electronics is highly beneficial to candidates. Many employers prefer candidates with some formal education, such as a degree in engineering, and compensate those candidates appropriately. The job opportunities presented by this position are additionally good and attractive to many candidates.

As a semiconductor processor, one can earn a salary of between $21,000 – $45,000, with the differences coming from the place of employment (in most cases). A good semiconductor processor is actually quite a valuable employee and many companies are willing to compensate professionals in this area very highly. On the other hand, the job has some unattractive aspects to it, such as inflexible working hours and not as good prospects for career development as one would hope (even though there’s potential for getting paid more, one can’t usually advance to higher positions easily).