An electrical repairer works with electrical equipment – most commonly various home appliances, though the job has numerous applications in the industrial sector as well – to discover and remove any problems the device may have. An electrical repairer’s job involves a variety of tasks, such as disassembly, part replacement, analysis of electrical circuits, as well as various mechanical procedures such as cutting and binding elements when it’s required to complete the procedure. Electrical repairers, like most other electricians, can work either alone, freelancing, or hired by a company on a permanent basis.

Even though becoming an electrical repairer doesn’t hold any educational requirements by default, most companies still require candidates to produce at least some form of certificate for higher education, as the repair procedures for electrical equipment tend to be very delicate in some cases, and safety is an all-important factor which doesn’t allow for many compromises to be made. Obtaining a license for working as an electrical repairer can be done through a variety of specialized training courses.

Electrical repairers earn slightly lower than other electricians, and their job tends to be somewhat more irregular, depending on their place of occupation (this isn’t valid for all the companies though). The annual salary goes between $41,000 – $62,000, and the job has some attractive bonuses attached to it – though those vary with the place of employment as well. Electrical repairers tend to enjoy better salaries when employed on a permanent basis at large companies.