A pest control worker works for pest control companies, providing customers with assistance in their pest-related problems. This is typically done by first analyzing the site in order to determine what types of pests have infested it and how to best proceed with them, and then applying the appropriate treatment methods. A pest control worker would get rid of pests by using pesticide or other chemicals, as well as traps and devices that can deter pests from invading the area any further. In some cases, the job can be very involved and dangerous, requiring the pest control workers to shut off access to the area completely while they’re working in it.

Becoming a pest control worker doesn’t require a high educational degree, as most of the important aspects of the job are learned in the course of employment. Some places offer educational courses related to the job, though having a license from such a course isn’t required for practicing the job in most cases – though it can definitely boost a candidate’s chances of success and open up more possibilities to them.

Pest control workers earn moderately well for the amount of work involved in the job, with an average annual salary of between $25,000 – $40,000 being the most common. The job isn’t very difficult to perform for the amount of money paid for it in most cases, according to most people, though it does have some serious health hazards associated with it which can serve as a deterrent and tend to turn some people away.