A segmental paver is a type of cement mason, concerned with the particular task of laying down paving segments. Segmental pavers usually work in teams due to the nature of the job, but usually all of them handle the same tasks. The job involves laying down the paving blocks as defined by a pre-designed plan, and setting them in place (usually with the help of a rubber hammer to level them properly without damaging them). Additionally, segmental pavers must sometimes prepare the terrain before they lay the paving, for example by leveling it.

The job of a segmental paver is a type of construction job, and as such doesn’t require any specific educational degree apart from a high school diploma. Employers typically look for candidates with a good degree of physical fitness and previous working experience in construction, and optionally someone who’s taken up a position supervising construction workers (when there’s a greater degree of coordination required between the workers).

Segmental pavers get paid between $21,000 – $31,000 on average, and the job doesn’t have many prospects for further career development. Working hours aren’t subject to much change and the job isn’t a flexible choice for those looking to fit it into a tight schedule. On the other hand, good segmental pavers tend to be highly renowned and many employers are willing to pay highly for their services, making for a somewhat of a niche in the market where more experienced segmental pavers can find better pay rates.