Vending machine repairmen are specialized types of mechanics who work on vending machines specifically. The job of a vending machine repairman is pretty straightforward as far as repair jobs go – one needs to assess the problem in a particular machine, figure out a way to solve it and execute it as appropriate. A good vending machine repairman should be able to perform their repairs quickly and efficiently, without delaying the work of the machine for too long. In some cases, vending machine repairmen are also tasked with loading the machine with products.

To become a vending machine repairman, one would typically need to take a specialized training course in some parts of the world – while in other cases, the job can be obtained a lot easier with some on-the-job training. It’s important to note that a good vending machine repairman should seek to obtain qualification for their skills, in order to be able to certify that they’re able to work efficiently with more complex tasks.

Vending machine repairmen don’t earn very highly by most standards, with an average salary of between $24,000 – $45,000 being most common. The job doesn’t have many attractive bonuses or other benefits either, making it an all-around mediocre choice of employment. It’s mostly only attractive to those who’ve managed to obtain some degree of aptitude with mechanics but want to get some temporary employment before they’re able to take their skills further and find a proper job related to what they know.