If golf is your sport, if you’re really good at it, and if you want to play it competitively at the college or university level, then you need to go to a top-ranked Division 1 NCAA school with the best athletes and coaches in golf.

It’s been said that iron sharpens iron. To be the best that you can be, you need to be sharpening your athletic skills with other top golf athletes. Here are rankings for the best college golf programs that should be at the top of your list:

Men’s Golf Program Rankings

1. Oklahoma State University


3. University of Florida

4. University of Alabama

5. Georgia Tech

6. Augusta State University

7. University of Illinois

8. LSU

9. University of Iowa

10. Auburn University

11. University of Texas

12. Texas A&M University

13. Stanford University

14. University of California, Berkeley

15. University of Georgia

16. San Diego State

17. University of Virginia

18. University of Arkansas

19. North Carolina State

20. Duke University

Women’s Golf Program Rankings

1. University of Southern California


3. Purdue University

4. University of Alabama

5. Duke University

6. Auburn University

7. University of Arizona

8. Wake Forest University

9. University of Virginia

10. Vanderbilt University

11. Pepperdine University

12. University of Tennessee

13. University of Georgia

14. Stanford University

15. Michigan State University

16. LSU

17. Texas A&M University

18. Florida State University

19. University of Florida

20. University of California, Berkeley