Pikeville College is a small, private four-year college located in Pikeville, Kentucky. It was founded in 1889 by the Presbyterian Church as the Pikeville College Institute offering courses for the primary and secondary levels but which were not accredited and therefore did not lead to a degree. It wasn’t until 1955 when the school became a full-fledged degree-granting four-year college. In 1997 the Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine opened thereby making Pikeville College the smallest college in the U.S. with its own medical school. The main reason for the establishment of the osteopathic school was to train primary care physicians to fill in the shortage of medical personnel in the Appalachian area.

Today, there are over 1,100 students enrolled at Pikeville College coming from 34 states and four countries outside of the U.S. These students are able guided in their studies by 57 fulltime faculty members 50% of whom hold the highest degree possible in their chosen fields. With a low student to faculty ratio of 14 to 1, students at the college enjoy a focused, one-on-one interaction with their teachers.

For its undergraduate program, Pikeville College offers its students three Associate’s and 24 Bachelor’s degrees built on a broad liberal arts core curriculum. The college also grants a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.

Cost of attendance for academic year 2009-2010 for fulltime undergraduate students is US$14,250 for tuition; US$6,000 for room and board; and US$1,250 for textbook and supplies. Cost of tuition for students at the School of Osteopathic Medicine is US$33,450 which includes the cost of the required textbooks, laptop, lab equipment, and other lab materials. To help students pay for their cost of tuition, financial aid is extended by the college.

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