National Labor College (NLC) is an institution of higher learning offering degree programs affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress by Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). These programs consist of a wide range of Adult Educational Programs offered in different learning formats including week-long residential courses, online courses and a combination of online and residential components. It is located at 10000 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, NLC offers two degree programs consisting of the Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and the Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies. The BA degree requires a student to spend a week every semester in residence at the campus and to complete the remaining portions of work online. This arrangement has made it possible for many trade union workers to earn a BA degree while continuing their work. The non-residential portion would require students to complete assignments and receive instruction from faculty through email, phone or Blackboard at a minimum of once per week.

Six major areas of study are offered for the BA degree program. These are Labor Studies, Labor History, Labor Education, Political Economy of Labor, Union Leadership and Administration, and Labor Safety and Health. NLC requires its students to complete a minimum of 30 credits which are typically comprised of ten 3-credit courses. The Bachelor of Technical and Professional Studies is a fully online degree offering five areas of concentration including Leadership, Industrial Technology and Computer Skills, Occupational Safety and Health, Music and Art, and Labor Studies. Various certificate programs are likewise offered. Tuition rate ranges from $ 199.00 to $ 249.00 per credit hour for union members. The non-union rate is $ 1,137.00 per credit hour.