Since 1894, the New England College of Optometry (NECO) has played an extensive role in the intellectual and educational development of Optometry in New England. It was founded as the Klein School of Optics and is considered as the oldest continuously operating school in its category in the US. It changed its name in 1901 to the Massachusetts School of Optometry, in 1950 to the Massachusetts College of Optometry and finally in 1976 to New England College of Optometry.

The college is located at 424 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts. However, it has developed extension programs with foreign countries such as China, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Germany. Its first owned and operated clinic was established in 1941 as the Massachusetts Optometric Clinic. It is known today as the New England Eye Institute (NEEI). NEEI has been restructured in 2002 to become a sole member corporation tasked with the mission for patient care. The college’s existing network of affiliated clinics includes more than 50 clinics, hospitals and specialized care facilities.

Degree programs offered by the college include the Doctor of Optometry, Bachelor of Science in Optometry, the Master of Science in Vision Science and honorary degrees in Doctor of Ocular Science and Doctor of Humane Letters. The Doctor of Optometry degree can be obtained through three programs of study offered by the college. First is the standard four-year program for baccalaureate degree holders or those who have completed a minimum of three years of specific undergraduate course work. The second program of study is a two-year Accelerated Doctor of Optometry Program for those already holding a doctoral degree in science while the third is the Advanced Standing International Program for applicants who have already earned an optometry degree from a recognized foreign school.

Estimated annual educational cost is $ 35,124.00 to include tuition, activity fee, course rate fee, lab fee, equipment fee and health insurance.