Peru State College is a public, four-year, educational institute located in Peru, Nebraska. Founded in 1865 as the Mount Vernon School by the Methodist Episcopal Church, the college is the first and the oldest institution in Nebraska. A series of name changes led to its current name of Peru State College in 1963. Despite its various ups and downs and the threat of closure due to a lack of a steady funding source, the state college continued to push forward and in 2007 achieved a record of 472 graduates with student enrollment continuing to increase largely due to the success of the college’s online program.

Today, Peru State College is enjoying a resurgence being dubbed by one of its administrators as a form of “renaissance”. Primarily still a four-year educational institute offering a wide range of majors in diverse fields of study, the state college also grants graduate degrees and maintains an active online education program. Academically, the college maintains three distinct schools, each with its own set of majors. These include the School of Arts and Sciences, Education, and Professional Studies.

For academic year 2009-2010, out-of-state cost of tuition and fees has been eliminated as part of a three-year pilot test. Thus the same tuition rate applies to all students regardless of their residency status. For fulltime, undergraduate students, therefore, the cost of tuition per credit hour is US$122.50 for on-campus courses and US$147.50 for off-campus courses. For online undergraduate courses, the cost is US$180 per credit hour. For graduate students, cost of tuition per credit hour is US$180.50 for off-campus courses and US$225 for online courses. On-campus courses have required fees.

Financial aid in the form of loans, grants and scholarships is extended to qualified students.

For more information on admissions, college majors, degrees offered, online programs, athletics, school rankings, tuition, scholarships and financial aid options, please contact Peru State College.