Sullivan University was founded as Sullivan Business College in 1962. It initially offered one-year programs aimed at preparing those who wish to enter the work force. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is regulated by the Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education. In addition, Sullivan University is licensed by the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These degrees can be taken at any of the school’s campuses in Louisville, Fort Knox and Lexington, as well as through the University’s online Global e-Learning campus.

Sullivan’s Global e-Learning campus was founded in 2010. Through Global e-Learning, students are able to complete a variety of online courses in the privacy of their own home, at their own pace and at their own time. At present, Sullivan’s Global e-Learning campus offers two online certificate courses, an online diploma, six online Associate of Science degrees, nine online Bachelor of Science degrees, and five online Master of Science degrees. The online degrees available through Global e-Learning can be viewed through the University website.

Tuition fees for online courses vary but a list of estimated costs can be downloaded from the University website. Financial aid packages in the form of federal grants, scholarship and low-interest loans are available to help make the cost of online education more affordable. For information on financial aid options and eligibility requirements, contact the University’s Financial Aid office.

Sullivan University has program specific admission requirements. Those interested to apply for admission to online graduate level programs would have to present more documents than those applying for admission to undergraduate or certificate programs. Admission information can be requested from the Sullivan University admissions office, or by visiting the University’s Global e-Learning website.