The University of Massachusetts, more commonly called UMass, which was founded in 1863, is the public university system of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is made up of five campuses which include UMass Amherst (its flagship campus), UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Lowell, and the UMass Medical School. Today, it also includes UMassOnline.

UMassOnline or University of Massachusetts Online is the online website through which interested students can earn a degree from the University of Massachussetts. Established in 2001 by the UMass President and Board of Trustees, UMassOnline was created to meet the online educational needs of busy professionals who may be unable to attend a college because of the pressing demands of a job or family.

UMassOnline makes available via the Internet over 100 of the University of Massachussetts’ degrees and certificates. It also offers more than 1,500 online courses every year. Online students are guaranteed the same quality of instruction and benefits their on-campus peers get. Exactly like UMass, UMassOnline is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges to offer Doctoral degrees, Master’s degrees, Bachelors’ degrees, Associate’s degrees, and Professional Certificates in such in demand fields as Business, Accounting and Finance, Education, Communications, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Information Technology and many more.

Cost of tuition and fees varies according to the type of course chosen and the location from where the course is taken. Generally, noncredit and undergraduate courses range from US$125 to US$1,980 and graduate-level courses range from US$1,230 to US$2,250. All students, regardless of residency, pay the same tuition. Financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and scholarships for qualified students.