Actors are performing artists who are generally under the field of entertainment. Actors may act in films, television, radio, or in theater. Actors follow scripts written by writers and therefore are the media that communicate writers’ thoughts to audiences.

Actors need to possess different skills, depending on their medium of choice. For instance, theater actors need to have great voice projection while film actors need more subtle movements and expressions as audiences can view them close-up. Actors often have genre specializations, such as comedy, drama, musicals, or action. The more versatile and talented an actor is, the more opportunities available for him.

Aspiring actors must make sure they have vital traits that will make them survive and succeed in the industry. These include good memory, self-discipline, keen perception, confidence, dedication to craft, the ability to adapt to different situations and opinions, good health, and creativity.

While breaking into the industry mostly require acting talent, formal training will definitely help one’s craft. If an aspiring actor is still in high school, it will be advantageous to join drama programs or enter an acting course in college. This will enhance a person’s public speaking skills and confidence. A lot of studios also offer special training. There is usually a wider range of employment possibilities for actors with more training and experience.

There is a wide range when it comes to actors’ salaries, depending on medium and popularity. Actors in Broadway earn a minimum of $1,422 per week. Other theater actors earn around $500 to $900 per week. Top Hollywood actors can receive more than $20,000,000 per film.