The job of a production, planning and expediting clerk is to organize the expediting of materials within a company’s departments, in accordance to that company’s production schedule. The particular duties of a production, planning, and expediting clerk can be quite varied depending on the company that employs them, but they must typically distribute the company’s production and keep to their shipment schedules. Additionally, the clerk must report to their superiors on any progress that has been made on the project.

Getting hired as a production, planning and expediting clerk isn’t very difficult and only takes a high school diploma in most cases. On the other hand, it can take a lot of personal skills, such as the ability to handle large working loads simultaneously, and additionally good knowledge of the industry they’re planning to work in. Previous working experience in the company may be required in some cases, though it isn’t common as a requirement.

The average annual salary of a production, planning and expediting clerk isn’t that high – around $20,000 – $35,000 is the most common range, and this is normal considering the job is a clerk-type. Clerks don’t earn traditionally much, and most of them have been expressing moderate satisfaction with the conditions they get from their jobs. It should be noted that some production, planning and expediting clerks are able to progress in the career ladder a lot more efficiently than others and secure themselves better positions in the future.