Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports, and its players are enjoying a great deal of media and fan attention. Being a basketball player is a very popular choice of career for young people who’re generally interested in sports, as basketball along with football and several other sports offers the best perspective for player development and career progression. Basketball players tend to enjoy more popularity than their teams in general, as opposed to football where fans usually concentrate their attention on entire teams and not so much on specific players.

To become a basketball player, one must possess great physical fitness and endurance. Running speed and jump height are two crucial factors for any basketball player, and some take special courses aimed at improving the distance they can jump vertically, going as far as to walk around with weights on their feet for entire days. Basketball players are traditionally tall as this gives them a competitive advantage in the sport, but some shorter players have also managed to find success in the leagues. Traditionally, joining a team for a player of medium to short height would be more difficult than for one who’s exceptionally tall.

A basketball player can earn a great income depending on their skills and league they’re playing in. NBA players tend to enjoy the highest salaries, with the highest-paid of them receiving around $20,000,000 annually. The median salary for a basketball player in the less popular leagues is around $30,000 – $60,000.