A physician assistant works at a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic, or another place where physicians are employed. The duties of a physician assistant are to provide basic assistance and help to the physician in performing their primary job. For example, a physician assistant would commonly be tasked with preparing patients and applying injections and other simple procedures to them. Additionally, the physician’s assistant takes care of the documentation and works with patients’ papers to enter their data into the database and retrieve information when requested.

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Even though the job of a physician assistant isn’t that complicated compared to that of a regular physician, it still holds some high educational requirements for its candidates – completing a two-year degree program with the addition of some educational courses is required for becoming a physician assistant. Still, the educational process is far less demanding than that which actual physicians have to go through in most cases.

The assistant of a physician can earn moderately well, with an average annual salary of between $71,000 – $90,000 being the most common. The job isn’t very demanding in the majority of cases, and most of the duties of the assistant can be accomplished without having to put in a lot of effort into the whole job. Additionally, the job’s working hours are flexible in general, and offer a lot of room for adjustment to those wanting to make changes in their schedule.