The job of a technical support manager is to oversee the work of technical support staff and ensure that the support department of their company is in a good working condition. Typically, technical support managers are responsible for hiring new employees and taking care of the existing ones, as well as allocating resources to the support department when they’re needed. A technical support manager may also be required to provide high-level assistance to the company’s customers whenever it’s needed.

Getting to be a technical support manager can be challenging, as it usually involves working in the company’s technical support department for a set time before being allowed on the position. Good technical support managers must have a good overview of the working process in a technical support department, and the needs of their employees as well as how to modify the operations of the department so that it functions better and more efficiently overall.

Technical support managers typically earn good salaries, similarly to most other managing positions. The job can earn between $51,000 – $92,000 a year in most cases, and a good technical support manager can realize various additional benefits which can add up to even more in the end. Additionally, technical support managers can always progress further in their careers and advance to better-paid positions, though the particular position of a technical support manage is preferred by most as it balances nicely between workload and rewards.