A producer is someone who works in entertainment – cinema, television, radio – and provides various management and organizational services in the production of works. The producer is responsible for hiring most of the crew, including the writers and actors – and they’d usually do their job by compiling the final product as a composition and coordinating all of its creative aspects – the cameras, sound, lighting, etc – as well as manages any problems that arise within the crew and its workers.

Even though one can go through film school and obtain a degree related to producing (or one related to another field of entertainment accordingly), the job doesn’t strictly require a degree in order to get hired on it. A producer would often be hired for their experience and knowledge alone, and being able to provide a long, solid portfolio of works is usually of great benefit for candidates for the position. Knowledge of the industry as a whole is highly beneficial, and usually a non-written requirement – that is, a candidate would certainly benefit from having it.

Working as a producer can earn a varied salary – it generally ranges between $43,000 – $58,000, though it can go much higher than that for producers who’ve managed to establish a popular profile for themselves and are enjoying popularity in their work. It’s not uncommon for the earnings of successful producers to climb well beyond a few hundred thousands, though of course getting to that point takes a significant amount of effort and dedication to the profession.