A computer database administrator is tasked with organizing and maintaining a computer-based database system. The database administrator is normally responsible for the general maintenance of the database system, and ensuring it runs smoothly. Cases where the administrator is also responsible for data retrieval are rare, as computer systems tend to automate that. Computer database administrators are also tasked with the security of the systems they’re responsible with, as computer databases are frequent targets for various attacks, especially when they contain sensitive data.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar computer-related subject is almost always required, as is good knowledge of computers in general. Though programming skills aren’t directly beneficial to the performance of an administrator, they can still be a plus in getting hired, as they can display a higher level of understanding of information systems. Additionally, very good knowledge in computer security is required, which includes staying up to date with the latest trends in the area.

The salary of a computer database administrator is very strongly influenced by their particular place of employment – large corporations are more likely to pay better than small organizations and schools, for example. The general pay rate for computer database administrators is between $30,000 – $70,000. In some cases where security is of the highest concern, database administrators may earn more, sometimes even up to $100,000 though such cases are rare. The job also has some attractive benefits and bonus programs associated with it, which make it a somewhat more attractive choice.