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World Peace is Almost Here

(Despite the headlines)

There are only a third of the major conflicts worldwide that there were in 1988.

Major conflicts = >1000 conflict related deaths in a year
Minor conflicts = <1000 conflict related deaths in a year With major conflicts starting slow and peaking at the height of the cold war. The average war of the 1950’s killed around 10,000 people per year. Today this number is down to less than 1,000.

You were 43x more likely to be killed in an armed conflict in 1946 than you are today.

International wars are on the wane, with conflicts often fought between extremist groups in rural locales.

Disclaimer: Not including territorial disputes, or military aid.

What’s driving peace?

Income = Increased state capacity
For: Political, economic, and military resources.

With the largest percentage increase in the developing world
Where more wars have historically occurred.

Historically, democracies don’t fight democracies.
With nearly twice as many free nations as in 1974
An age of unforeseen peacefulness is almost upon us. Despite what the news may say.